- The Tracy's -
I can spend more time with these 3 people than anyone I have ever been around.

M & T -
To me, parents are like super heros. They are always there to help, love, support, guide and care for my sister and I. I know that they are raising me with the ability and courage to make my own decisions and follow my dreams. They are constantly teaching me right from wrong. I love how they try to model everything they want us to be.

I definitely have excellent genes.

K -
My sister, is my bestest friend. She is a joy to be around and I am so blessed to have her in my life. K is such a strong, passionate, determined, young lady who will tackle anything in her way. She is definitely a horse "freak".. but hey, me too. Our dogs are in love with her and she wants a weiner dog when she grows up to go on the road, because "They wouldn't need much exercise. You could walk them a 100 yards & they would be good to go." She loves living on a ranch and enjoys being dirty more than being clean. She has a lot of guts, always a good hand, and is the first to offer help.
Did I mention, gorgeous?

Plain & Simple. You ain't never gonna meet anyone like me.
And yes, I am the "Hillbilly Goddess" of this thaang, & lOve it.

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  1. Thank you for the nice comments beautiful! :l

    I would love to take Gem with me but that might be a problem! ..I think Bill might be too. ;P