Sunday, June 15, 2014

In Honor of DAD ---> Fried Egg Bologna Sandwiches

There is no question about it.
My parents are my heros.
But this weekend,
it's all about DAD.

My dad has taught me all of the important things in life.
  • How to pray.
  • How to change tires.
  • How to be a friend.
  • How to stay loose {AKA: "act like you're drunk"} the first time I step on a colt.
  • How to be honest.
  • How to shoot a gun.
  • How to give really big hugs.
  • How to slow down & use my head.
  • How to work cows.
  • How to pull calves.
  • How to speak my mind.
  • How to make coffee.
  • How to drive a manual pickup.
  • How to be generous.
  • How to face my fears.
  • & how to make Fried Egg Bologna Sandwiches.
The list could go on forever..
He's the guy who works a full 10-12 hour shift (starting at 5:30am.), gets up in the middle of the night to check bred heifers, takes care of other ranch responsibilities, & then offers to take my mom, sister, & myself out for dinner. He busts his butt for us 3 girls everyday, for absolutely anything we need. He always has a such a good attitude & you'll never hear him complain.
He has definitely set the bar high.
In honor of Father's Day I want to share my dad's famous Fried Egg Bologna Sandwiches.

Before my dad got hitched to my mama, he would have one of these sandwiches, with a Mt. Dew, every morning for breakfast.

& they DO go amazingly well with Mt. Dew, by the way.

There actually isn't any "real" recipe, so bare with me.

You'll need to know how to fry an egg & assemble a sandwich.

This is one time in life where you'll want to do everything in a hurry & all at once, so the sandwich is nice 'n' hot!
In a small {preheated & butter-covered} skillet, fry an egg. My dad always breaks the yoke, because no one around here cares for runny egg. Also it's a sandwich.. you should be about to eat it with your hands. 
In another small skillet, fry up a slice of bologna.
Helpful HINT: If you cut the piece of bologna from the center, out to the edge {kind of Pac-Man-looking}, the bologna will lay flat while frying & won't bubble up.
On a toasted English muffin {or regular sliced bread} layer the fried egg, fried bologna, & a slice of American cheese, & then top with the other slice of English muffin/bread.
Repeat steps for additional sandwiches.

Happy Father's Day to the greatest man I know! I love you to the moon & back!
xoxo - J

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