Sunday, April 20, 2014

You're Only A Cowgirl If…

21 Reasons:
You're Only A Cowgirl If... &
---> What It Should Also Mean
1. You can get up out of the dirt, shake the dust off, & get right back in the saddle.
---> You know what YOU have to do. Don't let people walk on you. Make no comparisons, keep your head down, & do your own thing. Haters gonna hate bro.
Get up. Show up. Never give up. 

2. You know when to send a horse to the dog-food factory.
---> Don't let your loyalty become your slavery. Don't let negativity drown your joy. 

3. You see more sunrises than mid-night moons.
---> What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. Live by who you want to be rather than who you say you want to be.
Basically, shut up & get'r done.
"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." ~Henry Ford 

4. You kill your own rattle-snakes.
---> Feel the fear & do it anyway. 

5. Even when life is flying by at 90mph, you still have peace & happiness.
---> Enjoy the pure simplicities of life. Like shaved legs & clean sheets.. am I right ladies?

6. You would rather listen to George Strait & Chris LeDoux than Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean.
---> Just because someone tells you that those jalapenos aren't spicy, doesn't necessarily mean it's true. You'll want to try them for yourself, right? Just because the rest of America says that "country" music is country, doesn't necessarily mean it's real country. Yeah, I went there. Don't be conformed to the limited thinking of what other people say you should listen to, where you should go, or who you should be. Don't automatically believe everything you hear. Do your own research. Be informed & up-to-date. Come to your own conclusions & make your own decisions. 

7. You would rather wear ball caps & boots than hairspray & heels.
---> Wear whatcha want & own it. Be comfortable, practical, sharp & classy.
Every dang day. 

8. You can hold your own, changing tires, breaking colts, or wrestling calves.
---> Know your stuff & have it together. Be strong, willing, & confident, but not cocky. If you have to tell people that you're all that & a bag of chips, you're probably not. 

9. You would rather have a steak than a salad for dinner.
---> This is quite simple. The west wasn't won on salad. Eat some BEEF. 

10. If you still have to call your dad, grandma, or customer service at Classic Equine to ask for help.
---> Asking questions does not mean you are weak. Be humble enough to know that you're not BETTER than anyone else, but be smart enough to know that you're DIFFERENT from the rest. When you stop learning, you stop growing. 

11. You can still flash a big, friendly smile despite how much blood, sweat, & dirt is plastered to your face.
---> Just smile. It could totally turn around someone's day. 

12. You can catch your own horse, saddle up, get the goose out, & get to where you are going in a relatively short amount of time.
---> If there's a job to be done, don't be standing around picking your nose & shootin' the breeze. There is a time & place for nice Sunday-strolls. Like, on Sunday. 

13. You're always packin'.
---> Don't be naive. Protect yourself & your family. Know your rights & what you believe. 

14. You make the fact that, family is everything, evident in your home & your life.
---> Family IS everything. Show some love to those you love. 

15. At this very moment, your kitchen floor needs swept & there are at least 3 loads of laundry that need to be done.
---> Don't stress. You do LIVE there. Besides, the best days, full of the greatest memories, often end with the dirtiest clothes.

16. You always have a pocket knife & chap stick. As well as anything else you may need including; coats, hats, snacks & water, a halter, fencing pliers, a calculator, pony tails, duct tape & WD-40, a dog rope, & a wide variety of over the counter drugs.
---> Always be prepared. It's better to have it & not need it, than to need it & not have it. 

17. Your favorite movies, star John Wayne.
---> Know a good man from a bad one. Appreciate the good ones.
18. Your last "snow day" {where you could totally relax & do nothing} was in elementary school.
---> Know how blessed you are to be able to work as hard as you do. 

19. When shopping, you can't buy "cute girl-clothes" because the arms never fit.
---> As mentioned in #18, you work hard. You're strong. You have muscles. Your arms are not fat. 

20. You always count, everything. Whether it's kids, cows, horses, elk, ducks, shopping carts, gas pumps, or jugs of milk at the grocery store.
---> Just as soon as you don't count, someone is going ask how many there were. "Uhhhhh.."

21. You have to have shoes that "you wear at home" & shoes that you "can wear to town".
---> If you don't have a definite distinction between these two, you will smell like cow**** as you are walking through the library & sitting in choir practice. My bad..

Putting aside all cows & horses, it's not what you wear,
it's what kind of a person you are; it's what's inside that counts.


  1. loved it! and it's so true.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Ashley! Always trying to keep it real. :)

  2. This is great! Really enjoyed it! :)

    1. Well thanks! I got some inspiration from your last blog post ;)

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