Thursday, April 3, 2014

K & T-Man's Second Ride

My sister K & her two year old horse {Truman} go together like..
Peanut butter & jelly.
Macaroni & cheese
A worn out t-shirt & jeans.
Clean dogs & fresh mud.
Pretty sure you get the point.

Kate has done such a great job starting Truman on all of his ground work! This last week she was able to ride him for the second time ever{the first time this spring}.

The first ride was last fall, with my dad lunging her {while in shorts & flip flops..haha}.. Let me tell ya, real bronc-y. Not!

Truman did awesome! Such a sweetheart! K is going to love him forever & ever. 

We always have someone lunge our "babies" when we ride them for the first couple of times. It just insures that in case something goes south, the person on the ground still has control of the horse. Ground work seems like it takes longer in order to "make a horse", but it actually saves a ton time in the long run! Nobody around this joint has time to be banged-up & broken-down.

 What beauties!

For all of you horse-bloodline-savy people;

"Trueman" is by our stud "Wyoming Joe",

& out of one of our mares, "Sweet Wyo Chick",

who is by our {now gelding} "Wyo Blue Kid".

Got all of that?

K took these last two pictures of myself & my gorgeous mama. 

I can't wait to start my two year old {Rock N Roll Roni} too! So blessed to live the life I do! 

Happy {supposedly} spring y'all!

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  1. Way-to-go Kate!!! I'm big on ground work too! He look a lot like my two year old filly!