Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Life rundown.

I love early mornings,
When it feels like the rest of the world is still sleeping.
Through the stillness you can hear cows mooing, grass growing,
& birds chirping everywhere you turn.
The glorious moment when you forget all of your problems,
& look around to realize how beautiful the simplicities of life really are.
I love the smell of cool crisp air, with steamy coffee in-hand.
I love when the horses are feeling good enough to run in the corral,
Sending a cloud of dust rising in the quietude.
When the clinking sounds of saddles, bits,
& spurs echo all through the barn.
I love when the first few sun rays peek over the hills,
Making way for the brilliant blue sky.
In that split second, everything is clean, new, & vibrant.
When I feel empowered to conquer the world.
Whatever comes my way, everything's gonna be alright,
I know, because this is the life I love.
It's just me, the world,
& a brand new day to live out my dreams.

School is going good.

& by good, I mean that Accounting can go die in a hole.

Since I am homeschooled my goal is to be done by the first week in May. That way for my 18th birthday I can be done with high school! It's crunch time!

Bill {aka; Billy, Bill-Boy, Billy-Bob, William, Wilson, & a number of other things} got to take a ride with me to take scholarship applications into town.

He prefers the backseat to snuggle & nap - as to the passenger seat.
Just in case you were wondering.

We are getting ready to move our pregnant mama cows to a different pasture this weekend. We start calving a little later than most people; around the second week in April. Which will be here before we know it! Wasn't it just Christmas?

We are loving the 50-65 degree weather here! Last year we lost a whole bunch of calves due to 2 different 3-foot-snow-storms we got in April.

Hopefully this spring isn't so crazy & it stays warm & wet! I really don't mind being covered in horse hair from the waist up & mud from the waist down.

May the sun shine & the grass grow!


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  1. I love early mornings too! That moment when earth is about to wake and start a new day, is amazing! I love the way you say it in your post. I think you hit it right on the nose! =)
    That's neat that you like coffee, too. People think I'm weird when I tell them I like coffee. :)

    That is awesome that you are going to graduate a year early! Don't you love homeschooling? You have such an advantage, for things like that. =) Such a blessing from the Lord!

    I love that last picture! Have a great day!