Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time freaking flies…

Flash back to 2007. 5th grade. Computer lab. Playing Marble Blast after writing an essay & saving it to my class's 2014 folder under JTracy. Wondering to myself if I was ever going to get to be a senior. The year 2014 seemed like an eternity away. Almost unreal. 
Fast forward 7 years to 2014. 12th grade. Sitting at the kitchen table with my mom filling out home school transcripts & financial aid information in order to qualify for scholarships. Finally a senior. Wishing I could back in time & tell that little girl to chill out & enjoy Marble Blast. 
Because I honestly don't remember half of the stuff that happened between 2007 & now. 
I often wonder to myself if the next 7 years are going to go as fast as the last 7.
It will be 2021. I will be 25. 
The older I get {based on my broad experience of 17 years} the more I have grasped the fact that time freaking flies. I don't care who you are, where you live, or who you claim to be related to. 
If you aren't careful, you might take a nap & wake to 7 years, gone.
It order to live fully. To live BIG. We MUST enjoy & treasure the small, seemingly-irrelevant moments that we take for granted. 

Our concept of time has become so pathetically twisted that we use the term "forever", to describe the 15 minute line at Walmart. We were "on hold" forever. Our fast food order took forever. We had to wait forever at the stop light. 
Sound familiar? I know I am definitely talking to myself. 
Let us all break the habit of using the f-word to describe the little increments of "inconvenience" throughout our day, because those are what makes life memorable. Those moments ARE life. 

Mamas - Let your babies be cowboy{girl}s. Just don't let them grow up. 
Lots of love {in honor of Valentine's Day} to y'all! ;-)
Stay warm! We FINALLY got out of the deep freeze {with snow & wind} that swept across the whole country. We are exceedingly happy to be enjoying 45 degrees! There is mud EVERYWHERE! Yippee!
 Xox- J

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