Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What does YOUR scale say?

K & I had an eye doctor appointment yesterday. This is the conversation I had with one of the nurses, while she was taking my blood pressure & I was answering questions, for their records. 

N • How tall are you?

J • Uhh maybe 5'2". 

N • How much do you weigh? 

J • Um I think like 150lbs. 

N • Really? Are you sure? 

J • Yep. 

N • I really don't thing you're 150. 

J • I just have muscles. (:


N • Well I am thinking like 130.. 

J • No really, I promise I weigh 150. {Like I would joke about my weight..}

N • Okay…
I got home & weighed myself, just to be sure.. & as it turns out I actually weigh 160lbs & stand 5 feet 4.5 inches.

I am definitely not "bone skinny". Nor do I have a "thigh gap". I wear size 28-29" jeans. 

But I believe this proves that muscle indeed weighs more than fat. 

I try not to make a habit of weighing myself, because I believe {I do have to remind myself sometimes} that the scale is just a number. It does not define me. It does not weigh the kindness in my heart, the love in my soul, or the peace & joy in my smile. 

I work hard. Whether it is outside or downstairs in our mini-gym, I bust my butt. Not because I want to look like someone else or reach a certain number on the scale, but because I want to become the best that I can be. It's about how I feel, how I think, & how I act. It's about being strong & having the confidence in myself to love who I am! 

This is today's super easy & nutritious Spinach Tuna Salad that I created for lunch. 

Just throw together a good helping of spinach, tuna, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, nuts of your choice {I usually like almonds, but were out}, & a drizzle of dressing. I really like a lightly-sweetened vinaigrette!

Until next time, all you beautiful people better be lifting heavy, eating meat, & living happy. 

❤ - J

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