Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cows, Cows, & More Cows.

Lotsss of cow-working this last week! Both on our side of the ranch & then my grandparents'.
Aside from the usual gathering & moving of cows; all of the calves on the place got a pre-conditioning shot (to prepare them to be weaned later next week) along with pour-on.
All of the cows got 2 vaccinations & pour-on, as well.
We also sorted off some old cows, to sell the first of the new year, & moved them out to their own pasture.  

My darling sister & her pony, Ritz.

There were many opportunities for things to go south, but Mr. #RanchstyleBeans stayed calm, cool, & collected at everything I asked him to do! I am so proud of my cowpony!

Yes, I was playing the guitar, while working the alleyway.
I believe I was singing, "I Love This Bar", by Toby Keith, buuuut my mom didn't appreciate that very much.. so I switched over to, "Hold Me", by Jamie Grace.

Oh! I forgot! Someday last week we finally butchered that heifer, that fell out of the stock trailer & had to be put down.
You want to know what we had for lunch & super that day?
Roast beef & meatloaf.
& I didn't have to do any school the whole week!
Ahhhh yes, my life >>> (:
Be bright, brave, bold, & always brilliant!


  1. Beautiful scenery! You have "the life"

  2. Loved this post! That's cool that you got off school. Another awesome reason to homeschooling:-)
    Do you want an invite to my blog? Just thought I'd ask!

  3. That is for sure!

    I would love an invite, Ashley!

    1. ok, email me at