Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cows, Cows, & More Cows.

Lotsss of cow-working this last week! Both on our side of the ranch & then my grandparents'.
Aside from the usual gathering & moving of cows; all of the calves on the place got a pre-conditioning shot (to prepare them to be weaned later next week) along with pour-on.
All of the cows got 2 vaccinations & pour-on, as well.
We also sorted off some old cows, to sell the first of the new year, & moved them out to their own pasture.  

My darling sister & her pony, Ritz.

There were many opportunities for things to go south, but Mr. #RanchstyleBeans stayed calm, cool, & collected at everything I asked him to do! I am so proud of my cowpony!

Yes, I was playing the guitar, while working the alleyway.
I believe I was singing, "I Love This Bar", by Toby Keith, buuuut my mom didn't appreciate that very much.. so I switched over to, "Hold Me", by Jamie Grace.

Oh! I forgot! Someday last week we finally butchered that heifer, that fell out of the stock trailer & had to be put down.
You want to know what we had for lunch & super that day?
Roast beef & meatloaf.
& I didn't have to do any school the whole week!
Ahhhh yes, my life >>> (:
Be bright, brave, bold, & always brilliant!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Super Duper Blessed!

The feeling I get when my colts do fabulous after some time off is elating! I'm sure I am driving my family crazy, because I seriously can not stop talking right now!
It's a great day to be alive people! ☀ 

She tied back her hair, 
pulled on her boots, 
put her sights on God,
& vowed to finish her race in victory!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crazyy morn!

This morning we were hauling heifers to another pasture; after turning a corner & starting up a hill, our trailer door suddenly busted in half & flew open, sending heifers all over the road! It was probably one of the scariest things that has ever happened (to me) while hauling something.

There was only one heifer that was hurt badly, breaking a leg, & had to be put down.

Thankfully the ranch has our own equipment to process meat, sooo after the heifer hangs a couple of weeks we will have an awesome little "home school science day" full of making hamburger.


Has anyone else had their trailer door do this? Were you hauling anything when it happened?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Winter Weather

Welcome to Wyoming.

Where we prefer to skip fall & jump straight to the winter blizzards that take out your electricity for 3+ days..

After a long weekend full of coloring, card playing, & naps, we finally got our electricity back on last night.

May God greatly bless all of the men & women who work deligently in this ugly weather to restore everyone's power!

And the great news is, it will hit close to 70 degrees today, so all the fence-high drifts should disappear!

Praying for those in South Dakota & surrounding areas, who have lost livestock!

Stay warm!
Or cool.
Whatever the weather is doing, wherever you are.