Monday, August 5, 2013

Well hello!

Holy Macaroni.. You turn your back for a second & 5 months fly right by. So sorry! 
So much can change over such a short amount of time; way too much to even list in one post! So I will just try to hit the high points. (:
•These are my "pretty boys". {Sorry for the picture quality. These were all taken with my phone!}
Left to right they are; 
-Giddy Up Go Reno- "Reno" is my 2 year old Hancock/Driftwood dun gelding. He's wonderful! So. Flippin. Excited.
-Rock N Roll Roni- "Roni" is my blue roan yearling, who I just started working with. Also a Hancock/Driftwood cross, (Reno's half brother on top), & is gonna be rockin!
-Ranchstyle Beans- "Beans", (also known as Mr. Wonderful), is my 5 year old Hancock/Leo brown gelding. Poor guy is on the brink of being completely back to normal; after being told he had Broncho Pneumonia. But he still gets out & works for me even if he's coughing his little heart out. He definitely ain't no wuss. Which makes me glad. 
-Wyo Blue Kid- I had started riding "Chip", (Beans' daddy & a son of the late Wyo Blue Bonnet), back in May, when he was a stud. Since then, we've cut down our production herd & decided to cut Mr. Studly to keep around as a gelding. I keep telling my dad I'm going to turn him into a barrel horse. He is a turning fool!
•Back in May I turned 17 & got my first vehicle! Proud to be a Cummins girl! 

•Many late nights & early mornings! No one ever remembers the days where you got plenty of sleep. 

•My buddy Reno & I at his 2nd barrel race ever. We didn't compete or anything, but I told him he better get used to it. 
•Typical of Gem.. Many times that I've wanted to jump right in with him. 

•Family fun day at Gulches Of Fun in Deadwood, SD! 

•For of those who don't know, I love to work out. Maybe because I love the endorphins. Maybe because I love food. Not sure. But I love to work out. Insanity kicks my butt everytime! I also enjoy TurboFire & P90X! Get ittttttt!
•Fixing fence with my pretty mama. That's just how we do. 

•We've been very thankful for the occasional rain, keeping things green & happy! 

I'm not making any promises about keeping up with my blog. 
Mostly because I know me. 
But I will try. 
Blessing to you all! (: 

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