Friday, January 18, 2013

Faces of Agriculture!

Faces of Agriculture features men & women all across the country, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, who are passionate about agriculture. It's such a great way for me to learn about people who have different agricultural backgrounds & yet share a common bond & love for the rural lifestyle. I thoroughly enjoy this blog & positive you will too!

I am very honored & excited to be featured on today's Faces of Agriculture!
Read my feature HERE. (:


13 Life Lessons From Duck Dynasty

•You can't live on love. You'll starve.

•Boys - if you find a nice, pretty, country girl that can cook & carries her Bible.. that's a woman.

•Nap hard.

•Don't mess with a man's woman, hat, or tea glass.

•Don't kill nothin' you ain't gonna eat.

•In life, do whatever fires up your panties.

•Faith. Family. Facial Hair.

•Don't associate with yuppies.

•Nobody eats till we say Amen.

•Learn to go with the quirks.

•The more make-up a woman wears, the more she's tryin' to hide. Make-up can hide a lot of evil.

•In doubt, blow it up.

•Don't worry. Be happy, happy, happy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Life In Pictures (:

My mama, K, & I feeding cows & chopping ice.
Egg In The Hole has become my new "thing" for breakfast. or lunch. It's especially good with homemade bread! (:
My newest little hobby/project in progress... Painting leather belts! Very excited to get this feller done.
Ponies trying not to freeze or blow away from a yucky storm that blew through last weekend.
One of my newest necklaces that I've made!
Hungry moo moos(:
 - J