Monday, November 19, 2012

Back In The Saddle Again!


I know, it’s been a while... but such is life!

I hope everyone is doing well & doesn’t have any snow or anything equally as disappointing.

I am just peachy!

My Beans is FINALLY mostly healed up! I started riding him again anyway! I am so excited of how well he’s doing even though I haven’t ridden him since the middle of August & he still isn’t broke.

Reno is doing very well. My mom told me that he has had the earliest start than any other horse we have ever had, which makes me feel good. Since Beans was out of commission, so to speak, it gave me PLENTY of time to do LOTS of lunging & messing around with Reno. I’ve had him saddled & loping over culverts, into the trailer – backing out of the trailer, going over tarps, rubbed with flags, plastic bags, shaker paddles, & pretty much anything else that I could think of! I'm happy.

& RONI! He is changing so much! He’s pretty much the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on. Okay, maybe not EVER, but yeah, he's cute. I love his ears!

Beautiful Bernie is doing VERY well. She is also very cute (: Happy Happy Happy Horse.

We sold our calves around the first of the month, which went pretty good. Because of the election, the calf prices dropped about 10 cents immediately, which was a downer. If we would’ve know, we would’ve sold them before the election. 10 cents doesn’t seem like a lot, but when it starts adding up to thousands of dollars, people get particular - & rightfully so! Okay, enough about that…

On a different note,
I found a photo challenge for this winter, (which I am going to attempt), & would love it if you'd join me! It’s just one picture a week starting Thanksgiving & going through April 5th. I thought that was pretty doable. You know, hopefully.

Here's the list!
  • November 23rd – Thankful
  • November 30th – Trees
  • December 7th – Weather (In your neck of the woods)
  • December 14th – Someone close to you
  • December 21st – Christmas
  • December 28th – Your babies (Kids, pets, sentimental items…)
  • January 4th – New beginnings
  • January 11th – Food
  • January 18th – A portrait of anyone
  • January 25th – Words
  • February 1st – Routine
  • February 8th – Love
  • February 15th – Your favorite thing
  • February 22nd – The Sky
  • March 1st – Black & white photo
  • March 8th – Travel (Anywhere! Even 20 miles down the road)
  • March 15th – Green
  • March 22nd – Animals
  • March 29th – The first signs of spring
  • April 5th – Memories
That is all for now. May your week be filled with many thanks, much love, & tons of yummy food!


  1. Yay for the horse healing up! Loved all your pics. Would love to attempt the photo challenge...we shall see...I've been so darn busy, have hardly had my camera out.
    Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being busy! It's been nuts! But I hope you can! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! (: