Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Horse Update...

Here's what's going on in my horse-world.

My Reno -

Reno is going so nice! I am making so much progress with him in such a short period of time. He has earned the nickname, "Wonder Horse". I can't start riding him until next year, because I mean, he's only a yearling, but I have gotten on him while my dad lunged him a little. We didn't even lope, but I can say I rode him. He jumped around a little, but I didn't get dumped, so we're good. He feels (& moves) really strong!

These aren't very good photos (thank you, phone) & some of them make Reno look real gangly... he's not. He's gorgeously put together.

Look at those butt muscles!

My Beans -

Welllll.. Beans had an encounter with some barbed wire...

We are thinking one of the studs got after him & he jumped the fence, then when trying to get back with the others, he kinda' got tangled up. There's a little muscle, but mostly skin.

He so stinkin' smart, he really should know to stay out of the studs' way.

I have been keeping him in the corral overnight, trying to heal him up a little faster. It makes me so sad when he looks at me with his big brown eyes & then looks out the gate to the pasture, & then back at me, like, LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! He's actually pretty content! He would just rather be out in the pasture.

I have been letting him in the yard for some "yummy grass", since he can't go out, but he really doesn't seem that impressed. Half of the time, he just limps around & gets himself into trouble, whether he gets stuck in the garage or in the middle of the gas tanks..


I guess it means that we have some good grass in our yard if he's getting hit with the sprinkler to eat it. 

Overnight, I've been keeping Beans in with Bernie & they are so cute together! :)
Bernie loves having a buddy.
& then there's Gem, I'm not sure what he's doing.

K & Amos -

Amos is K's 3 yr. old & he is GORGEOUS under saddle! He looks like an old broke horse. K is doing an awesome job with him, while still keeping up with her older horse, Ritz.


That's all for now; have to go work ponies!


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