Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Return Of Baby #2

This is Bernie.

Name Meaning: Brave As A Bear.

Perfect Fit.

She was separated from her mama & the other mares a little over a month ago. Which is totally odd in & of itself.

Since couldn't find her for days... we thought she was gone.

Then one day, out of the blue, there she was!

Bernie was is really bad shape...

We have brought her back to the corral, where she is now being called "Beautiful Bernie" every single day.

She is starting to put some weight back on, which is awesome, & she is acting more & more chipper every day.

She likes to come into the barn (note our lovely door-block).

She's very curious & likes to get into things.

She doesn't spook at hardly anything.

She nickers when you go out to see her.

She wraps her head & neck around your body, just as if she was giving you a hug.

This little squirt is so sweet, but her pure innocence is what makes her so cute.

Meaning, she's so cute, because she hasn't ticked anyone off yet.

Keepin' it real.