Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Balls of fun...

Supposedly, I'm a "blogger"...
Now, normally, I think this would be a little iffy to put on the World Wide Web.

But this is my blog.
& this is my life.

So this is a-okay.

This past weekend, we tested all 40 of our bulls.
Longest. Cattle. Job. Ever.

My grandpa also got both of his colts, who are out of one of our studs, "cut".
Meaning, they can no longer breed anything.
Let's just say they were quite humbled.

The first colt is a catty, little dun named, "Reno".

The vet gives the colt a shot to make them sleepy & feel good before an additional shot that puts them out. This way, they really have no recollection of what happened.
They wrap the rope around their feet, so the colt doesn't freak out & hurt anyone during this whole process.

The innocent bystander, "Champ".
The red & white, cotton rope in these pictures also helps the top, hind leg to stay out of the way!

I really don't know where the dogs are...

This is "Blue" - fitting name, if I do say so myself.

In this picture the bird's wings are a little blurry because he was just about to take off! I wished I would have been about a .10 of a second slower!

My sister, K.

My grandpa. One of the greatest men I know.

No, I did not get any pictures of the bull segment of the day... for those of you who know.. THAT is a little iffy to be sharing.

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  1. My husband and fil are old hands at cutting their own colts!