Friday, May 25, 2012

Smacked me in the face...

I am a huge "quote" person.

Meaning; for pretty much every area of my life, I have a quote for it.
Working Out.
Work Ethic.
REAL Cowgirls.
I guess you get the point.
But on a serious note, one of my absolute favorites is from a song (also a music freak- which is another post), called "Unbreakable", by Fireflight, & it goes like this:
Fear is just a crutch that tries to hold you back & turn your dreams to dust.  All you need to do is, trust. 
Pretty good, eh?
It really hits home with me. A lot. Especially living on a ranch.

I had an accident last summer when running the barrels.. My horse spooked at, God only knows what, on the other side of the fence, right before we got to the first barrel & needless to say, dumped me.
I had been having some trouble with my self confidence anyway, so that really didn't help.
The next day I was going to run again, but I was honestly quite nervous & didn't know if he would react the same way.

Then.. BOOM! Light bulb!

I realized that I was going to run into obstacles & trials everyday that scared the crap out of me. BUT it's still up to me whether or not, to entertain that fear & let it control my life. I have huge goals & dreams, that I know are in me for a reason!
Those few words from "Unbreakable" remind me that if I want everything in life; if I want to fulfill my FULL potential; if I want to become the best I can be; I will HAVE to overcome that fear, that tries to hold me back, & just trust!

My run wasn't the best, but I faced it & Gus didn't spook!

I am still learning, to put more trust in all of the work I have poured into my horses. TRUST the endless miles; all of the saddle pads, that are soaked with sweat; the "boring" dry work, that no one really enjoys; the tears of both, joy & frustration; & the love I share with each of them.


  1. "All of the saddle pads, that are soaked with sweat"- That makes dang good horses right there!!

    Somehow I've missed all these posts! Gee.