Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Access to God's favor all of the time!

The GRACE of God = the unearned, undeserved & unmerited favor of God.
When God answers you in your most undeserving moment, that is grace. At your lowest point, in your darkest hour, His light shines through for you & you become a recipient of His unmerited favor, & a recipient of favor can't help but extend grace to others.
In & of ourselves, we don't deserve anything good. But... because we are in Christ & in His righteousness, God will not withhold any blessing in our lives today. Our part is not to struggle in our own works & be independent from God, but to focus on receiving all that we need from Him.

Say it;
I have access to God's favor all the time, even when I feel most undeserving!

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