Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Is Why...

Many people don't understand,
why I love this rugged land.
When the sun is burning hot,
it seems all of the bugs will never be fought.
Then later at night,
the moon is the brightest light.
All of the blood, sweat, & tears seem to fade,
when just one good horse is made.
The blistering wind & harsh cold,
is what makes Wyoming big & bold.
When I lay down at dark,
I know one day, I'll make my mark.
It's teaching me how to be strong & tough
when the days get long & rough.
When I smell like horses, dirt, & sweat,
there's never a fret.
When I'm tired & want to quit,
the fire inside is once again lit.
Where I never have to hear a car on the street,
& hooves are the only beat.
Our dogs are the funnest I know,
& the birds are sure to say, "Hello."
I thank God for giving me such a home,
where I too, am able to roam.


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