Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweet Summertime!

This is one of my most favorite times of year for a number of reasons!

We humans, enjoy "change", it makes life interesting. So with new babies, birds, flowers, & leaves, we naturally get excited about spring & summer.

There is something about 70 degree weather that makes you want to get rid of every old, outdated, stained, or worn out..anything & go shopping! Not for beach dresses, but long sleeve button up shirts & riding socks. But if you need it to rain, just get the windows sparkling with cleanliness... it'll rain.

I love branding time. Most girls would shrink back with disgust at the smell of burning hair & calf poop. Well obviously, I'm not "normal", so I dive right in. When I was going to public school, branding was "the thing" that insured that we were almost done with school & summer was upon us, where I could spend all day outside. Branding is like a holiday for me, because most of the family comes out to help & since we are actually outside doing stuff, we make so many more memories than if we were sitting in the house. Oh, & FOOD! We actually have specific recipes that we only have at branding time.. which I will share later. (:

Horses. Big & Sassy. Young & Frisky. I have to relearn how to ride every year. After 4 or 5 months off, running full speed around 3 barrels, each at 360 degrees, isn't the easiest thing to do. But it only takes me about a week to feel right at home, like I never took a break. While getting the horses ready to haul & run, we are also using them all over the ranch, gathering, sorting, & chasing open heifers. New year, new potential; which always makes me excited.

One thing I really enjoy about summer is tanning. Let me clarify that I have never been to a tanning salon, with fake sun. I have plenty of sun right here, in fact, my world's so bright I wear sunglasses to bed. I prefer laying on the deck with a towel, smothered in oil. That's just how we do it way out in the sticks.

I hope you live each beautiful day to the fullest!
Face each project head on & tackle every opposition with determination!
Fear's main goal is to stop us.

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  1. I was always excited about branding time too, and yup, it always signaled the end of the school year was coming! It also meant skipping school and early morning rides to gather the cattle, which was always a bonus!