Saturday, April 28, 2012

Short & Sweet

I have to say I never knew that there were SO many blogs about this wonderful rural life! I had absolutely no clue! It's awesome though! It's so nice to read about real people that are doing the same stuff that I am! Everything from cooking & crafts to cows & dogs.. I never really experienced that when I went to public school.

Thank you for making my day, every time I get on here!
That is all.(:
Hope no one has to pull any calves this weekend!



  1. Girl, it's so fun, I agree, wish I could move some of the gals I've "met" here closer to me, that'd be FUN!!

  2. I has been a blessing for me to communicate with fellow ag people. I would LOVE to meet all my blog buddies...the ones I have, have been AWESOME!!
    Take care.