Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Girl's Best Friend

My horse's feet are as swift as rolling thunder,
He carries me away from all my fears.
And when the world threatens to fall asunder,
His mane is there to wipe away my tears.
-Bonnie Lewis

We have a ton of horses, possibly too many ( who's counting), but there will always be my favorites..

Gus -
A brown gelding who is 11 years young & my main man! If it can be unchained, opened, spilled, or knocked over, Gus has done it. But really, that's what makes Gus, Gus. He's my buddy & I love him to death. He has a super calm disposition & is pretty much always asleep. BUT he does enjoy going fast... Sometimes his brain tries to go faster that his legs can move.. & that can potentially get a little ugly.
He is my "first horse" & is teaching me SO much. He's the kind of horse where I can't pitch him the reins & think he'll work. I have to constantly ride him, everywhere. In my mind, I can't assume that he'll work, I have to make sure he does, but I wouldn't want any other horse to begin on. If I had an automatic barrel horse, where I could just "be along for the ride", I wouldn't learn anything.
Gus is my friend.
I feel safe around him.
I trust him.
I'm confident on him,
& I respect him as my partner. 
I'm not having quick success barrel racing, but I know I'm learning so much that will benefit me in the long run.
Gus has helped spark my passion, that has engulfed my whole inner self & he'll always have a special place in my heart.

Beans -
Funny name, I know, but it fits him to a T. Beans is 4 years old & about 14.2 hands... quite the elevation difference compared to Gus, who is 15.2.
I broke him last summer & was able to put a good month on him before turning him back out for the winter. He is a really strong horse for his size, who has a whole lot of grit, moves like an athlete & is very collected.
He is also super cowy! Last fall I was riding around the corrals on him & we had a couple cows in, before I knew it, he pinned his ears, took off & bit one. I was overjoyed. He definitely has "working" on his mind!

Beans, likes to know what you're doing. Not your plans, but like what you're drinking, or what kind of granola bar you have that day... kind of a dork, but I love it! He has a huge personality!
Building that trust & respect relationship with Beans, while he is still young, is what I'm trying to do now. I want to build a strong foundation, that way if he ever falls apart for some reason, I always have something to fall back on & rebuild again.

Quite often the absence of immediate success is the mark of a genuine call.
-Bruce Larson; My Creator, My Friend

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  1. Beans is quite a cutie, 14.2 is a perfect size. My mare is 14.2 & I prefer smaller horses, especially cowbred ones! They are little athletes in & out of the arena!